Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Getting started

The countdown is on for our trip. Eight days left before we leave the country for a couple of months. And to make this more fun, we've decided to quit any jobs and pack our apartment into a small storage unit to really feel the cleaness of the dislocation.

I have a to-do list that I've estimated will take about 70 hours to complete. Some simple things like "cancel utilities" that I can knock off quickly and feel good about, and the slightly harder "pack and clean apartment" which will take most of the time available. The next few days will be filled with activity as I try to figure out if we can buy the moldovan visas at the border or will need to get them in advance (you can get them at the airport in Chisinau, but we aren't planning on flying in). At least the Japan portion of the trip is entirely planned and paid for at this point. In fact, Japan seemed too easy, since a travel agent arranged two weeks and the other two will be spent visiting people we know, eveything worked out easily. We'll see how the Europe part works out in the coming week.


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I eagerly await these future posts.

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