Saturday, August 19, 2006

sunlight, excitement and jet lag

We're now in Prague. The short way to go from Osaka to Prague involves flying west through one of the major Asian hubs and on to Europe, going approx 1/3 of the way around the world. What's much more fun for your sleep patterns is to go the other way, back through Los Angeles, London, then Prague.

My body has no idea what time it is. I didn't sleep for the 23 hours we were in LA, because there were many errands to run, along with repacking (switching stuff out of our very cozy storage unit), laundry and some computer stuff. Also, I just don't sleep well before going on long trips. If you expose yourself to a lot of sunlight, eat a lot of sugar and just generally feel like you have a lot of stuff to get done and not enough time to do it, you can sleep one hour out of 40. Then you crash.

We awoke in Kyoto on Wednesday morning, left Osaka Wednesday evening, arrived in LA Wed at noon thanks to the wonderful working of the international date line, left LA Thursday noon and arrived in London Friday morning. We spent all day at the airport, sleeping and eating and then flew to Prague on Friday night. Yessssss!

Flying through several different countries soon after a terrorist threat really gives you an idea of how well that country can organize itself. Japan´s airport was well ordered, everyone easily led into neat lines by helpful and friendly JAL employees. We got through the 3 security checkpoints in 20 minutes or less. And there was definitely no liquid or gel onmyz person. LAX and Minneapolis were both sort of crazy, but London was nuts like an Almond Joy. There were all these lines feeding into the check-in line, and those lines somehow fed into several larger departure gate lines, which fed into the lines for the metal detectors and x-rays. And no one knew which line was which, or where any of these lines started. I actually heard some poor harried young airportsecurityy employee yelling "What the Hell are you doing!" to a line of people that was supposed to start somewhere else. These lines would separate for no reason then merge together again in the worst traffic flow pattern imaginable. An exhausting 2 hours later we were in the sterile departure area, and I couldn´t even brush my teeth or put on chapstick to comfort me. Thanks a lot terrorists.

But none of that matters now in our kickass apartment in Prague. Wake up at 8am to check out of a hotel by 10, perish the thought!


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