Saturday, September 09, 2006

Village News

Single Moldovan Male seeks wife, must be at least 14 years of age, fully knowing care for cows, horse, sheeps, chickens, children. hearty birthing hips required.
I am strong watch me drink this vodka and arm wrestle this man. I will begin work on outhouse at your reply.

Single Moldovan Female, indeterminate age seeks man with a car. I can make placinta and delicious borscht like a mother. speaks Romanian and Russian. no time have I worked in human traffic. Please drive your car fast to me on the dirt road here, it will be mud in a day so come fast.

Young Moldovan man full of promise with several good passports into jobs in other countries. Hire me for my skills in English and Russian, and I know computers. Also construction. I have managed farm as well with lower workers controlling chickens and the watermelons. Also wine making skills. Ready to relocate when you say.

Moldovan family needs american speaking renter, we have a room for you to sleep so we can sleep in the kitchen where we will be warm. We have daughter good for marrying who can be translating while we watch tv. You like this song because it is so loud, yes? We have kittens and puppies for you to . . . okay, only puppies, who ate the kittens just now, very cute hungry puppies who will grow strong. Our happy home, you can come. Please bring your own toilet paper.


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