Friday, May 21, 2010

Running, 5pm May

Ran along the motor/ golf course/ pico/ through the park. 5.2 miles in 45 minutes or so.
with my ipod. replayed "Where is the Love" by BEP and "Everything is Everything" by Lauren Hill several times. slow start, long hilly sprinting finish. Hadn't eaten much for lunch, a little tired.
Nice to run on a common circular route, I ran into the same young guy running and late-50's Indian man walking twice.
BEST PART: watching two grown men in golf clothes yelling at a tree. Then I saw they were yelling at a squirrel. It was carrying a piece of paper in it's mouth and was scampering up the tree. I don;t know what the squirrel stole, but those men were PISSED.
way to go, squirrel.


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