Wednesday, October 06, 2010

As if I could get MORE Back!

Not only does my main source of exercise these days entail climbing our 8 flights of stairs, but also, Wellington is hilly as (if this phrase confuses you, please see prior post on unfinished comparisons).
Like, rimmed by hills, the likes of which would make even Gollum cringe in fear.
The kind that would leave Frodo and Sam gasping for air.
It's actually impossible to walk 8 blocks in any direction from our apartment and not be climbing hills steep enough to require stairs.

Did you not get the memo, Wellington? I have enough junk in my boot, thank you so much.

The veiws are incredible- you'll just have to take my word for it until I manage to get photos. Next week, when my little children's show closes and I spend all day wandering about, frantically looking for a job.

Those of you who want to come visit, do some training first. No joke, the elevation climbs are sick. Plus, they are all in meters, so they seem farther.


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