Saturday, October 02, 2010

BATS: 99 seat theater in Wellington

Turns out there's just one 99 seat, experimental, do-it-yourself theater in Wellington, and I live 300 meters from it. And my co-worker ALSO works the bar there. So, I've been there lots.

Saw 3 shows, none of them outstanding enough to do a full review on any of them, so I'll just sum up:

Walls. Doors. And Also Silence.
- the 20 year old version of You, Me, and Everyone We Know, with more institutionalization and less romance.
Cool use of set pieces- these door frames with stretchy translucent material. They got titled and used as a bathtub.

Father Famila- well-written work about a daughter and her dad with dementia/ Alzheimer's. Respects the intelligence of the audience (leaves details like subtle fragrances to follow, lives in New Zealand without being ALL ABOUT how its set in New Zealand, explores big scary universal themes in a specific, clear way). Grown-up theater that's not too stodgy.

Resolve- about hearing impaired young adults, written and performed by hearing impaired young adults. We all wear earplugs and hold on to inflated balloons, and there are few words of dialogue. Cool concept, poorly executed.
One of those shows I think could be so so so much better with a few tweaks. Oh Well.
Someday I'll run the world, and there will be no more crap theater.

Though I find seeing crap theater gives me time to reflect about how to do better theater. And time to plan my evening. And time nap.


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