Tuesday, September 14, 2010

And now, the weather report

It's the edge of spring here, the tail end of winter (I hope) and while the temperature has veered into hail, it hasn't risen above 18 degrees (Celcius. About 60 for you Farenheiters).
BUT today it was sunny and gorgeous, so I went on my first run beyond the city center, and now I need a camera. So, if anyone can think of a decent SLR for beginners, please share. Come on, all you avid blog followers. Help a girl out.
Because you have to see how amazing this city looks.
I was along a path where they filmed some of Hobbit land. The late afternoon sun was shimmering through the thick pine and eucalyptus trees and it wasn't too muddy along the trails, which rambled over windswept grassy meadows, past quaint playgrounds, through Victorian neighborhoods.
Wellington has these San Franciscan sudden stunning vistas, and the city is ringed by lush, hilly parks and dark, windswept bays.

Someone get me a camera.


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