Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Wellington is full of Excitement

The kind the causes alarms, and evacuations. LA, you got nothing.
Tonight, I saw a really cool show about truth, justice, and fear, called The December Brother, by this amazing collective, SEEyD, at one of the 5 or 6 (or more) theaters in my new neighborhood. (

But first: One can judge much about a culture by its safety announcements. We filed into our seats and the lights dimmed and we all saw a pretty stunning 5 minute movement piece about a young man driving a car (he turned into 3 bunraku puppet pieces) and crashing and it was pretty incredible stuff, and it turned out to be a safety announcement warning New Zealanders to sleep before they drive. I thought it was part of the show, since I knew the show was a movement piece about a crime (this is important). But then the lights came up, and then to REAL show started.
It was incredible. Probably worth its own blog entry.

And just at the end of the play, as the lights dimmed on the main character, a little blue light started to flash. Hmm, what's that light cue supposed to mean? a warning? a beacon? a siren? Wait, is that a siren? Is this another safety announcement?
And then the house lights came on, the ushers, now wearing safety vests, came into the theater, the actors turned to us and said "that's pretty much the end of the play. I think there's a fire."
And we were ushered out of the building, in the surreal coitus interruptus of this very disturbing play.
I hope the stage manager decides to do this every night. It was amazing, blurry, and dizzying. Like any good theater event should be.


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