Monday, September 06, 2010

Roller Derby

This blog might end up as a detailed list of why I love Brian. Deal with it.

The other night we went to the Wellington Roller Derby Bout ( Now, I've been to a few LA Derby Dolls bouts, and I think it's awesome. Badass, uncompromising women in tight clothes and crash pads shoving each other around at top speed? Inked, Drunk Hipsters jostling and cheering? What's not to love?

Wellington's a bit more tame, from the family friendly crowd (lots of school-kids in tutus) to the laid-back Emcees, it lacked the edge of the Derby Dolls ( And it was on a flat track, so it's all a little slower and more cautious.

Still, much like pizza and sex, even average Roller Derby is still Roller Derby.
Best irony of the night? It's called Richter City Roller Derby. Not by accident.


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